14th International Workshop

on Real and Complex Singularities

24 - 30 July 2016

During the following two weeks we will have people happy to help: Happy to help

Transport organized by the event

Airports to São Carlos:

We still have a few places available in some cars from GRU and VCP airports to bring participants to São Carlos. If you wish to use any of these, you can send an email by Tuesday 19 July 2016 to Regilene at sing@icmc.usp.br specifying which car. Cars from GRU and VCP airports (updated 19/7/2016)

We recommend Panamby hotel if you need to spend the night close to GRU airport (free 5-minute transport from the hotel to the airport departures). Reservation directly at booking.com.

São Carlos to the airports:

Please check if your name is on the list of cars attached to the 10th Announcement sent on Monday 20 July 2016. If not, you can send a message to sing@icmc.usp.br to let us know if you wish to be included in any of these.

Public Transport

Foreign participants should plan to arrive GRU or Viracopos Airport (in Campinas city).

São Paulo Bus/Coach Station is called Terminal Tietê.

To get to São Carlos from GRU:

Option 1: Take the Airport Bus Service (http://www.airportbusservice.com.br/br/linhas) to Terminal Tietê. There is a bus every 50 minutes and the cost is about R$ 50. The journey will take between 25min and 2h (depending on the traffic). Once at Tietê, there are two companies to São Carlos: Empresa Cruz (http://www.empresacruz.com.br/) and Cometa (http://www.viacaocometa.com.br/pt/). There are many buses per day, the price is around R$70 and it takes about 3h30min.

Option 2: Take a bus Lirabus (http://www.lirabus.com.br/lira/traslados.php) from GRU to Campinas Bus Station ("Rodoviária de Campinas" in Portuguese). You can buy the ticket in the Lirabus booth at Terminal 2. At Campinas Bus Station take a bus to São Carlos with either Empresa Cruz or Cometa (see links above). This option might be faster if you get a good combination of buses - however, if you don't, it might take much longer since there are less buses to São Carlos from Campinas than from Terminal Tietê.

To get to São Carlos from Viracopos:

Take a bus Lirabus (http://www.lirabus.com.br/lira/traslados.php) from Viracopos to Campinas Bus Station. From Campinas Bus Station take a bus to São Carlos with either Empresa Cruz or Cometa (see links above).


Participants are requested to make their own reservation. Please quote reservation for participation in the Workshop on Singularities at ICMC/USP.

List of hotels

Facilities near campus

A folder with a map with restaurants, conveniences and other facilities will be provided for all participants.

A map will be posted here soon.


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Instituto de Ciências Matemáticas e de Computação

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